October 27, 2008

dear criminal

Yes, this is coming late. I am aware of my behind the times-ness, okay?

I would like to personally thank whomever the human being was who finally said, "Down with this madness!" and released the draft of the final book in the Twilight series and saved the world from it's own stupidity and yet another literature calamity of epic proportions. Bless your soul forever and ever and may the sun shine down upon you in all the days to come. I can truly say with full conviction that you do not suck.

And speaking of literature and things that don't suck.... (weird, what are the odds that would work so well here?).... go to your nearest bookstore/library and buy/borrow THE FOUNTAINHEAD. It's by Ayn Rand and....(hmm, how weird and fortuitous)....she also doesn't suck.

October 22, 2008

mysteries unfolded...finally

I played with Mer's boys again for a little bit today. This was a highlight from craft time:

Cam (age 5): Kai, don't eat those purple beads or you'll turn purple!
Kai (age 3): What?
Cam: I'm just teasin' ya. But seriously Kai, don't eat the brown ones.
Kai: Why?
Cam: Cause you'll turn brown. I don't know how exactly it happens, but I've seen brown people before.

October 6, 2008

and it was love

Next time I find a 15,000 dollar bill on the ground, 
I know exactly what I'll be purchasing.

October 3, 2008

confessions of a puddle jumper

Today is the best day of my life. Want to know why? Because I am a girl, and today is the day I discovered that Target sells 98 different kinds of rain boots. Ahoy!