November 9, 2008

uno, dos, tres...etc.

I have 4 very important orders of business to discuss.

1. I hate showering, this is a well known fact. I REALLY REALLY hate it, I'm talking to a loathing degree. But want to know what I hate even more? I knew you would. It's washing my hair. All truth must be confessed at some point, why not now? So, there you have it. The reasons why I commonly reek of and asian food and oil (please avoid being misled and make sure to separate those two. Asian Food. Oil. Not Asian Food and Asian Oil).
2. You know the song "Chasing Pavements" by a one Adele? It has very recently come to my attention that this bit of music is not in fact entitled "Chasing Penguins"... ahem.... And all this time I just thought the laughter from others, whilst I sang along came from the common mocking of such a ridiculous notion. Now I can see the unfortunateness in my all too common response of "I know! What a crazy song! They must be running out of ideas...penguins....pah! (yes I 'pah!' quite frequently)." And let's be truthful, if it really came down to just giving up or chasing penguins, the choice is obvious, no? Need we sing about it?
3. After watching V for Vendetta last night I think it is safe to say that if the need should ever arise for me to have a girl crush it would most definitely have to be on Natalie Portman. Here's to your brilliance. And baldness.
4. My mother is conspiring to start a blog for the sole purpose of posting humiliating quotes which seem to escape my mouth multiple times a day. Boycott this with a vengeance.


KellyB said...

hahaha. I have to say, I really love reading your blog. It makes my day.

Kris said...

My middle daughter also hates to shower and wash her hair. She is 19 and has the thickest hair ever, which she keeps short because she hates to wash it. She feels your pain!

Kate Gildea said...

Are we still friends? I hope so. I miss having your blog around! Where have you been?? And sorry, I LOVE showering. I would shower 10 times a day if it were possible!

Kristine L. said...

I am going to have to disagree with my dear, sweet sis and agree with you Kristen. I HATE showering. It isn't so much the showering and washing my hair part that I hate so much, it is the fact that I have to somehow tame my wild hair and make it look presentable. So I am right there with ya.

P.S. Welcome back to the blogging world. It seems like it has been forever. Never do that to us again.

ADDqueen said...

I definitely will never forget that moment that you were in my car and that song came on and you said "chasing penguins, what?" I still sing along with it with your original lyrics every time I hear it! Thanks for being responsible for associating that song in my head with a great memory!
Love you