May 12, 2010

I'm aware it's a bag

BUT... every morning when I wake up I think, "Wait, let's snooze a couple of times (8-12)," and then when my snooze goes off for the last time (5 pm-ish) I think to myself, "I want to paint my car like this one. Then I remember how I also sometimes like to pretend I'm a spy and how us spies are slaves to our anonymity and how this may or may not cause problems with being caught. Sigh. Also, I would like this bag please. And what the hoo-ha... let's throw being British in there as well.


Megan said...

so happy your back. I've always wanted to spray paint a car... I think we should do it!

Kali said...

so glad you are back.
my life has been seriously sad without your blog to read.

Clint Moore said...

That car color wouldn't work for a spy, that's for sure. The word 'unique' is written all over it and not to mention "attention-getter". LOL! Well, if you really want to paint your car like that of a spy's, then go for among the 4 most popular colors: silver, gray, white, and black. Don't forget to wear shades!