October 23, 2010

sometimes i just want to blog

about this cake. which i will one day own and eat.
even if it means proposing to a stranger on the street. i must have it.


Sandy said...

mmm.....cake..... wonder if you could deep fry it like they do at Chang's... haha.

susette said...

Kristen dear!!! Where have you been for sooooo long???? It was so nice to hear from you. I truly wish I was friends with Natalie Harris. I follow her blog and think she is an amazing lady. We've just never hooked up. It's not like we are neighbors or even in the same ward ya know?
How are you?? The modeling photos I've seen of you are so amazing. Can you get some of that cute figure of yours to rub off onto me??
Are you at home? working? what are you doing in life?