July 31, 2008


That is the number of degrees (F) the river which I floated atop this afternoon contained. I have a lot to catch up on, but I'm not going to. My number one concern and order of business is to inform you that I was nearly drank (drunken?) by a real live moose today. And also that a strange boy jumped on my tube from a large river boulder. Whilst I was still on said tube. Goodnight.

July 18, 2008

not much...just some travels and the end of the world

Apologies extended for the recent MIA activity. I am prone to absences...please ask any of my teachers grades 8 through 12. (Jared also loves to give the facts and figures). When I stop running around like a chicken with its head cut off, I hope to catch all 4 of you up on my recent trips through the (mid)west...yes including Mt. Rushmore (or "those old guys heads" to a certain 5 year-old) Anyway, it's not going to get much better seeing as how me and my homeless hair (it gets that way on the road) are off on a few more spontaneous get-aways. So suck it up and try your best to be brave and make it through a few more days without me. I know it's hard. Perhaps take up knitting.

In other news, birds 4 and 5 flew into our back window last week bringing the death toll to an all new high. Moses and the frogs comes to mind. Head on over to our house if you wish to witness the apocalypse.

Hmmm... I'm thinking I probably shouldn't say "chicken with its head cut off" at such a devastating and terrible time in the world of the fowl. How disrespectful.

July 12, 2008

happy first birthday blog!

What a glorious year. I don't want anything more. 365 days. Don't they go by in a blink?

July 6, 2008

adios amigos!

Well, I'm off for a few days of America touring on the back of my poppa's motorcycle. The iPod's charged...the Desitin's packed. We'll see you later crocodiles!

One last thing....I am reluctant to share with you how awesome I look in biking getup because I know how hard it can be to see someone in an amazing outfit and not a) covet it or b) hate them at least a little bit. But try your best and just be happy for me that great fortune has found its way to my doorstep. If you do, Andrew Thunderbolts just might let you off with a warning when she pulls you over. (it is hard to make out the attached helmet microphone in this particular shot...but oh it is there)

July 3, 2008

dear santa

If I'm really really REALLY good for the rest of this year, and perhaps even apologize for the spaghetti incident... can I pleeeeeaaasssee(pretty pretty kind) have THIS for Christmas? And preferably a few months early...you know, in time for amphibious motorhomeboat season?